Capricorn’s Manifestation Energy Forecast for 2010 Part 3

Capricorn has three energies; Will, Balance/Karma and Manifestation. (Part 1 of this series was Capricorn’s Will energy and Part 2 was Capricorn’s Balance Energy) If you allow Capricorn’s Manifestation energy to guide you this month, you will be a whirlwind of activity putting everything in order, including you. If you filled yourself with too much food and drink from holiday dinners and parties, you’ll naturally feel the impulse to work it off, becoming more fit than you’ve been in a long time. During Capricorn, Manifestation energy is behind most people making New Year’s resolutions to get their bodies in shape.Worker BeeManifestation energy brings the “worker bee” out of you. Get ready to clean out and organize your closet, garage, cupboards and even your computer files. You will think so much more clearly when your body is in motion, turning chaos into order.God Is In the Details”God is in the details” describes Manifestation energy really well. Many times you have wonderful visions, fabulous ideas. Your mind comes up with some really good plans. Your emotions accept both the vision and the plans and also provide the passion to drive your physical body into action.Now it’s time for your body to begin implementing. Pause for a moment; if what was passed down to your body is not practical, time not factored in, not detailed enough, you get nothing but resistance or even sabotage. When it comes to the details, you may have to revise so much; you won’t even recognize what you began with. It’s the old story of the architect’s plans being greatly modified, even altered by the building contractor before construction would begin.Take the Time to Listen to Your BodyBe alert, instead of being led by your mind, your physical body now wants to be part of the process even at the beginning. It takes sometimes seconds or just minutes to think thoughts, but when you start to do something, time must be factored in. It takes a lot longer to accomplish things than to create the thought. If your body is screaming, it is overwhelmed from your “big picture” ideas, listen.Ask your body what can it really do,without being worked to death, in the amount of time allocated. Take the necessary steps to success; listen to your body, take into account practicality, the available time, make a detailed plan and you will avoid any resistance.Money is the RewardManifestation energy’s reward to you is money or its equivalent. That’s when you know you are really utilizing this energy; when you start bringing in money or attract to you what you were going to buy with the money anyway. If you are not making use of this energy, then know your “big picture” ideas need to be broken down into parts, with each portion being able to receive rewards for the effort. Working for the cause is way outdated. That was part of the Piscean era where you served the guru, the dictator who lived oppulently most of the time. You are now in the Aquarian Age where your time is valuable also. Manifestation energy abounds right now, so bring all your organizing skills together and reap the rewards. You deserve it!Qualities or Virtues of Manifestation EnergySome of the virtues of Manifestation energy are: being organized, creating order from chaos, discipline, focus, practical, cost effective, not taking in more than expends, interdependent, correct use of strength, completing what you start, perseverance and determination.Vices or Negative Qualities to TransformSome of the vices for you to continue moving through to mature virtues are: No or little organization, chaos, cluttered, messy, undisciplined, unfocused, not being cost efficient, spending more than you take in, dependent, too independent, crushing your manifestation by being too weak or too strong, giving up and not enough determination.At Winter Solstice, Uranus and Mother Earth Hook UpWhen the Sun is directly overhead at the Winter Solstice, it heralds the beginning of Capricorn, invoking the Manifestation energy. At that moment, this allows Mother Earth and Uranus to link up for the entire Capricorn zodiac month. This Manifestation energy cuts through all Mother Earth’s layers, going directly to Mother Earth’s core. This collaboration also cuts through all of your other layers, including your mind and emotions, going straight to your physical body driving you into action to manifest and make things happen.Uranus Turns You Around, Upside Down SometimesJust like you are a transmitter your entire life for the Zodiac energies that were present at your birth, Uranus is a transmitter for Manifestation energy.Uranus’s Spin is OppositeWhat’s important to note is that Uranus has exactly the opposite spin as Mother Earth. The Voyager pictures from way back in the 80′s indicate that Uranus is one of the planets that have already shifted on its axis. When will it be Mother Earth’s turn, has been the question for some time. Also, when will it be your turn to shift on your own axis inside of you?Legends AboundYou’ve heard of the European interpretation of the Mayan calendar being the “end of the world” on December 21, 2012. Note; I did not say the Mayan prediction but a European who was doing research on the Mayan calendar. Another Legend Related to UranusHere’s another legend which is directly related to Uranus’ Manifestation energy’s influence on Mother Earth. Each time the Sun finishes a transition from one long belt of energy in the cosmos moving into a new band, Mother Earth gets a new mentor, or pole star. The last time this occurred, Polaris became our Pole Star.Will and Love Principal DualityPolaris was the announcement that the Sun was finished with its transition from Love to Will energy. The two principal energies that guide the evolution of this sector of the cosmos are Will and Love. All other energies are aspects of these two energies. Manifestation energy is an aspect of Will Energy, for instance.Past 6000 Years of Will Steering Mother EarthFor the past 6,000 years, as the Sun has been moving through the strip of energy composed primarily of Will, it has been the predominant energy steering Mother Earth’s evolution. Will, with its strength, produced a male dominated patriarch civilization.Sun Close to Moving Into Love EnergyNow the Sun, continuing on its trek around the center of the Milky Way which takes approximately 230 million years, is coming to the end of the Will belt and very close to moving into Love energy. We are being pulled into love to connect, to bring together the best of all the separate manifestations; religions, cultures, philosophies, while sloughing off the extremes that do not forward Mother Earth’s evolution.Thurban Mother Earth’s Pole Star Before PolarisBy the way, the last time the Sun finished its movement through Will energy into Love, it generated a matriarch guided era. At that time, Thurban in the Draco constellation was Mother Earth’s pole star or mentor. Now, as the same thing is happening over ten thousand years later, who will become Mother Earth’s new mentor? It is thought that the new pole star will be in the Southern Hemisphere.Northern to Southern HemisphereAlready, we have signs that the energies are being withdrawn from the Northern Hemisphere moving into the Southern Hemisphere. Certainly during Capricorn, you might like to see about investing in the South American countries and Australia especially. Just check for yourselves what is occurring economically in these countries and has been for awhile. The Northern Hemisphere is no longer favored, indeed reform is being required to align with the new energies.New Pole StarTo summarize, it is thought that if the same shift occurs as the last two times we know about, this shift will occur at the time of a Winter Solstice. Mother Earth’s magnetic pole will no longer be Polaris. It will signal that the Sun is finished its transition period from Will to Love and is now steadily moving through Love energy. At that moment, Uranus’s Manifestation energy and opposite spin from Mother Earth spin will be the catalyst for Mother Earth’s spin to the new pole star. It is not “the end of the world” for Mother Earth; it just heralds the beginning of another matriarch guided era.Uranus in Your Birth ChartThis opposite spin energy of Uranus makes you feel turned upside down, inside out. How that happens is simpler than you might think; it is Manifestation energy beckoning, which has to do with your actions. You may have thought you were going one way, but when it comes to the details, you could get turned upside down, especially if you can’t reap rewards from your ideas. Wherever Uranus is in your birth chart, it lets you know both where your strength could lie with regards to organization, to details, to getting your ideas manifested. It also shows you if you keep trying to push the same thing through over and over, without making real changes, you’ll just get turned inside out one more time.Get With It!You will adore Love energy being in the lead; after such a long time of your strength always propelling you. Be prepared for the turnaround.

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